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Lee J. Ames's drawing method has proven successful for children and adults alike. There are currently more than twenty books in the Draw 50 series, with more than two million copies sold. Click one of the book covers below for a sample lesson. There is also a full list of Lee's books and online retailers appears at the bottom of this page.

Draw 50 Animals

Draw 50 Animals shows aspiring artists how to draw with ease by following a step-by-step method. Acclaimed author-illustrator Lee J. Ames shows us how to draw an array of our favorite animals. Included in this kingdom are many types of birds, lions, monkeys, horses, sharks, and even snails. There are also frogs, buffaloes, ducks, crabs, dinosaurs and many more.

Draw 50 Boats, Ships, Trucks, and Trains

Included in this volume are historical drawings like the Viking ship, the Santa Maria, and nineteenth-century locomotives, as well as more modern subjects such as an ocean liner, nuclear submarine, and Jeep. Also presented are a Chinese junk, tractor-trailer, outrigger, fire truck, and many more.

Draw 50 Beasties and Yugglies and Turnover Uglies and Things That Go Bump in the Night

Lee J. Ames delights us with a cast of the creepiest, most gruesome beasties around. Included here are the dinosaur-like Sara Tritops, the crazy Gar Goyle and the Gar Boy, the forlorn and funny Melon Collie, and the horrendous Eye Gore. Also featured are the likes of the Tooth Furry, Gnome Burwun, Mr. Elburt Truble, and many more!

Draw 50 Horses

In this book, Lee teaches you how to capture the beauty and grace of a horse. Included here are Thoroughbreds, Arabians, Shetland Ponies, Performing Lippizaners, Pintos, and many more. Also presented are various stages of a horse in motion, such as galloping, trotting, cantering, and jumping.

Draw 50 Athletes

Here, Lee J. Ames shows us the body in motion performing all sorts of sports. Captured here are a basketball player making a jump shot, a surfer catching a wave, and a gymnast performing on the balance beam. Other selections include a skater speeding across the ice, a skier racing down a mountain, a fencer lunging at his opponent, and many more.

Draw 50 Aliens cover Draw 50 Aliens

Lee and his friend Ric Estrada show you how to bring to life a spike-necked gork from the constellation Aquarius, a toothy tickler from an unknown planet in the Eskimo nebula, or green gobloons from Grus. Also included are drawings for the super-deluxe spaceships that enable these friendly foreigners to shoot from one galaxy to the next: perhaps even to our own!

Draw 50 Dogs cover Draw 50 Dogs

In this book, Lee demonstrates how to draw a wonderful array of dogs from greyhounds to Great Danes. Featured here are exotic breeds like the borzoi and the weimaraner, and common breeds like the beagle and the sheepdog. Also included are boxers and Chihuahuas, basset hounds, Boston terriers, and many others.

Draw 50 Monsters cover Draw 50 Monsters, Creeps, Superheroes, Demons, Dragons, Nerds, Dirts, Ghouls, Giants, Vampies, Zombies and Other Curiosa...

In this book, Lee J. Ames has created an array of frightening characters, from werewolves to Frankenstein's monster, from zombies to warlocks and from creeps to heroes. Also featured are characters such as Darth Vader, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and the Phantom of the Opera, and many other scary creatures.

Drawing with Lee Ames book cover Drawing with Lee Ames

From simple objects to elaborate still lifes, from stick figures to the human figure in motion, Lee Ames can teach anyone the basic techniques of drawing.

With his clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step method, the creator of the bestselling Draw 50 series makes learning to draw fun for aspiring artists of all ages.

Whether you're a complete novice or a rusty amateur in need of creative inspiration, Lee Ames povides a wide range of exercises to lead you from the basic concepts of line and space up to the finer points of style that provide drawings with character, mood, and professionalism.

Special tips from Lee Ames to help you get started on a lifetime of drawing fun.

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